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AEI Nigeria To develop youth towards self discovery; aimed at excellence, ethics and self actualisation.

Academic Excellence Initiative (AEI) – an educational NGO incorporated on 20th October 2006. It is a non-governmental, non-political and nonprofit making organization dedicated to academic excellence among Nigerian youths. It was formed out of a great concern for the growing number of dropouts and the declining academic accomplishments among the Nigerian youths. The problem arising out of several circumstances necessitated the formation of a body that will dedicate itself to the sponsorship of education and at the same time promote intellectual pursuit through various programmes and activities that stimulate information sharing and exchange.

Thus Academic Excellence Initiative is a stopgap between the academic ambition of students and all forms of obstacles that may hinder them. The body will hence mobilize personnel, materials, supports and funds on behalf of students and judiciously manage same to develop students of unparallel educational achievement and moral rectitude.

The chief methods of AEI include grooming and training, scholarship, administration of preparatory examinations, conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia for students in different departments and levels. The Initiative also intends to publish journals, newsletters and special reports aimed at sensitizing the public in general as well as the intellectuals and education policy makers in particular.

Excellence: Our Duty, Our Right

Our vision is to be the foremost catalyst in youth development and the most reliable guide towards self discovery leading to self-actualisation rooted in excellence and ethics.

The mission of AEI is to empower the youths educationally and consequently develop to the optimal level their potentials that are essential ingredients for individual upliftment and societal development in a secured and caring environment.

The objectives of AEI, though many, can be summarized under the following broad areas:

Ensuring proper tutelage towards academic excellence of the youths.
Inculcating moral and ethical values into the youths.
Providing moral and financial support to indigent students.
Expanding the horizon of the youths towards nation building.